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Contribute to the MCA Political Action Committee
In order for us to stay on top of legislative items against our industry, we have our own political action committee. Click here for a contribution form and send your donation today! Personal and Corporate contributions are accepted.

Several members have expressed concern over the new limits on air emissions that DNR has placed on their air permits because of the size of their property. MCA continues to meet with DNR on this issue. If you have experienced a similar problem, please contact the MCA Office.

Fuel Tax Credit Refund
Sales Tax on Mixer Trucks 

Missouri Concrete Association
About Us

Association Profile

The purpose of the Missouri Concrete Association is to associate persons, firms and corporations engaged in the production and marketing of concrete and concrete products in order to provide an organization for coordinating their efforts and solving their common problems.

The goal of the Association is to provide the best possible concrete products, delivered when needed,

  • Actively promote the use of concrete and concrete products.
  • Encourage studies and research to improve concrete and concret products.
  • Promote the establishment of quality standards for the industry.
  • Disseminate information to members concerning the manufacture, mixing, delivery, marketing and uses of concrete products.
  • Develop better understanding and relationship between the industry members and contractors, engineers, architects and the general public.
  • Provide information to members regarding current business practices and procedures.
  • Actively offer advice and assistance to the state legislature, and to other elected and appointed officials.

Please consider joining us in our effort to promote your product, build your business and improve your industry.

Membership Testimonials

Services Offered

  • Annual Summer and Winter Membership Meetings.
  • Annual Membership Directory, including sources of materials and services.
  • Source of Associate Member`s product information.
  • Continued information on national and state legislation.
  • Registered lobbyist on staff.
  • Effective working committees.
  • Seminars, workshops and promotional programs

MCA is composed of producers of ready mixed concrete, concrete block, concrete pipe, precast concrete and prestressed concrete, in addition to those companies supplying materials, equipment and services.

MCA conducts two major meetings each year, an Annual Meeting in February and a Summer Meeting in July.

Legislatively, MCA represents the concrete industry at both the federal and state levels. At the state level, they are active in truck regulation, environmental regulations, highway maintenance, taxation, mechanics lien legislation and sales tax issues.


MCA has created a Missouri Concrete Association Political Action Commitee. MCA is actively engaged in both legislative and regulatory activities and over the years has amassed a long list of valuable successes, including extension of sales tax on trucks, protection of sales tax exemptions, trucking regulations and environmental regulatory and legislative actions. The PAC will be used to support legislative and statewide candidates at the direction of the MCA Board.

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